Carefully read our list of helpful information, but if you still need help, please contact us. We are here to help!

What is Artisans List

Artisans List is an online resource directory that connects people looking for traditional home restoration, craftsmanship and farm to table sources. In addition to a vetted list of vendors, the site includes crowd sourced DIY projects, a magazine and videos. Our goal is to help small businesses meet new folks and get more sales. Consumers benefit by easily sourcing niche products and services in one place.

How do I find the type of business I am looking for?

For a general location search, type in what you are looking for in the SEARCH bar or go to the LISTINGS menu to see the categories on the drop down menu. For local businesses, input your location or simply zoom in on the map.

How do people get on the list?

We are a niche directory meaning we only list those businesses that offer services or products that deal in home restoration, traditional craftsmanship or local farm-to-table production. Excluding Antique businesses, resellers or online stores are not eligible to be on the list.

Businesses have to apply and be approved to be on the list. Check out our list of businesses here.

You can apply to be on the list by first, REGISTER and then go to ADD LISTING.

How are business rated?

Every business on the list has been vetted by our expert team here at Artisans List and they have to meet specific criteria in order to be on the list.   However, customers are the ones that actually rate the businesses on the list by leaving reviews, we don’t.  We want honest feedback from people. If you are a vendor, we encourage you to have your customers leave reviews.  Between our initial vetting and customer ratings, Artisans List narrows the search for finding great businesses in our categories.

What qualifications do vendors need in order to be on the list?

Our listed businesses offer products or services that:

  • Restores Traditional Homes
  • Hand crafts products for the home or offers construction services that use traditional skills or methods
  • Produce locally grown all natural or organic foods or makes hand-made batch food & drinks

Check to see what businesses are welcome on Artisans List!

How do I become a listed vendor?

It’s simple! Just go to the upper right hand corner, REGISTER and then click ADD A LISTING on the top navigation bar. Select which listing level you’d like and you will be prompted to fill in your information. You will be notified within a couple of business days if you’ve been accepted onto the list.

Why is my listing not showing up?

If you are a new listing, it takes up to 2 business days for us to review your submission. If it is longer than that and you’ve not heard from us, please contact us at folks@artisanslist.com or call us at 401-851-6967

We continuously review our listings to make sure that they meet requirement guidelines. You will be notified in the event of the following:

  • Your business products or services have changed and the company is no longer a good fit and your listing will be removed
  • Your customer review rating drops below C, at this point we will be contacting you. If reviews remain below C for over 6 months, you will be removed from the list.

We’d love your suggestions!

If we are missing a category you think should be on list, please let us know! Any ideas, suggestions or comments about how we can make Artisans List a better resource for you, please contact us!