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We invite you to explore Artisans List openly, no leading questions, just come on in and see who’s on the list and what we’re doing.


Painted Karma

BUILD or RESTORE: Fix up your old house or create a new one with our traditional architectural resource directory


HOMEKEEPING: Discover time-proven ways of living a simpler life

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ARTISAN FOODS: Find fresh and local food sources or learn how to grow your own


Have you ever wondered where to get old floor boards for your new kitchen, have your 19th century windows restored, find a local farm where you can buy a seasonal share of vegetables, eggs, chickens, meat or just find a niche directory that can lead you to traditional home restoration and natural food sources?? You’ve come to the right place.

We do the search,  you do the work.

We know you’re busy.   That’s why we’ve designed the Artisans List to help you find vetted local and online resources so you can find what you want quickly. We ask you to rate the artisans by leaving honest reviews.  If an artisan’s score over a period of time is low, they are subject to being removed from the list.

Read & Watch

Artisans Daily is our magazine filled with inspirational renovation stories, DIY tips, a historic and artisan travel section and our own artisan videos. We know how time consuming it is to search through YouTube listings, so we’ve partnered with other video folks that we love and have shared them with you. Whenever they post on their channels, it will appear in our video section as well.

Community Board

Have you ever done a project you’d like to share with the world? Here’s your chance. In our Community section, we invite you to post to our boards with pictures and a description of how you made your project. Other people are posting, too and you can follow them or they you! Leave comments, ask questions, get in touch with people who are living the same kind of life you are building yourself!


PRESERVATION: Connect with local, state and national historic preservation sources that can help you with your projects

Community of People working together

COMMUNITY:  Become a part of our community.  Check out our DIY board where you can post your projects, follow other folks and share your artisan love!


EDUCATION:  Not college bound?  Become an apprentice, find a preservation trade school or take practical workshops.