DIY Your Own Chalkboard Paint

DIY Your Own Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboards are no longer only for the classroom. They are being incorporated in almost every room in homes everywhere. Paint a door or wall using chalkboard paint made by Benjamin Moore or simply make it yourself. This project is simple, fun, and easy to do–seriously, you should fill your home with chalkboards.

Chalkboards Throughout History

Ancient Times: Students would inscribe their lessons into clay tablets, which could be erased or baked into permanent documents.

11th Century–18th Century: Students used individual slate boards for their lessons. Paper was expensive and hard to find, so slate boards and chalk were the easiest way for students to write during class without wasting resources.

1801 Scotland: The first usage of the modern day blackboard (a large slate blackboard used by the instructor at the front of the classroom) took place at the Old High School in Edinburgh.

(Adapted from Room 241)

DIY Chalkboard Paint Recipe


2 parts plaster of paris
1 part water
3 parts acrylic or latex paint in any color

  • Mix plaster of Paris and water until you reach a smooth consistency, then mix in the paint. 
    • Small batches are a good idea, because the paint dries out quickly !
  • Paint any solid surface (walls, wood boards, jar lids, etc.) that you want to be able to write on!
  • Once your paint has dried completely (3 days after you’ve applied the paint is a safe bet), rub the side of a piece of chalk all over the chalkboard surface, then wipe away with a damp cloth.
    •  This primes your chalkboard and makes it much easier to write!
  • You can now write on your new chalkboard with chalk or chalk pens. Just use a damp cloth to erase and start fresh!

Where to Use Chalkboards in Your Home

Kitchen/Dining Room

Make a statement wall in your kitchen or dining area where you can creatively display the menu for guests. When nobody is visiting, it’s a great spot to keep track of your grocery lists and new recipe ideas.


Such a cute way to add something fun and exciting to your boring old staircase! With chalkboard paint you can choose a great base color, and then switch up the designs with different words or doodles whenever inspiration strikes.

Kids playroom wall

What better way to let your kids’ creativity run wild than to let them scribble on the walls? With a chalkboard wall, your kids can have fun drawing and writing, mess-free! It’s also so cute to watch them play school, with the “teacher” at the blackboard and the other kids playing the part of the curious students they are!

Mudroom Message Board

Such a practical and classy addition to a mudroom–hang a cute DIY chalkboard (just paint a piece of plywood or other spare wooden board) with a rustic frame to write reminders, chores, to-do lists, or messages to family members as they come and go.

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