Author, Celestine Maddy. Photo by Krysta Jabczenski
Author, Celestine Maddy. Photo by Krysta Jabczenski

How does a girl who was raised in suburbia and learned how to cultivate plants in the backyard of a Flatbush, Brooklyn brownstone learn to become an advocate and child of the great outdoors and nature?   It was an ‘ahha’ moment for Celestine Maddy, writer and co-founder of the magazine, Wilder, when she realized that ‘nature is everywhere – it’s where we live, breathe and eat.’  From there, she was prompted to embark on a journey of learning and exploring which ultimately resulted in creating the magazine with editorial director, Abbye Churchill.

Her new book, A Wilder Life is based on seasonal diy practices based on traditional living. Celestine brings back the how-to’s of yesteryear and integrates them into today’s lifestyle.  For those of us who do not have enough time in the day to figure it out, she offers checklists which can help you plan and learn about things you’ve always wanted to do but never knew how.

A WIlder Life, a book written by Celestine Maddy is a diy guide to a living with nature


Seasonal Checklists on what needs to be done to prepare for each season whether you live in the country or have a window box in the city. There is something for everyone, everywhere here. She offers things such as how to plant and save seeds and plant profiles.


How does a primer on cheese-making, canning pantry essentials and recipes from the garden sound?


Every season Celestine has a chapter on how to prepare your home for the season.  Then she offers basics in embroidery, weaving and how to make dyes from the wilderness.  On a more practical note, she gives tips and tricks on how to heat and cool your home… naturally.


Do natural beauty secrets sound interesting?  They should. Starting each season with A Seasonal Apothecary, to follow after that are such things as how to make your own perfume from nature, healing stones, how to make dry shampoo and more.


From guides to bugs and butterflies to Five Hikes of a Lifetime and Exploring Hot Springs. This could be your favorite section to reconnect you back to the beauty of nature – even if you live in the city.

A Wilder Life Garden outbuildings. a diy to nature book

Farm-to-table & Vintage Recipes