Create a Vision Board for Your Dream Vintage Home

Create a Vision Board for Your Dream Vintage Home

We’re here to help you get one step closer to your dream vintage home right now! It’s time to start making your dream home a reality. What better way to inspire yourself than with a vision board? This is a collection of images and ideas that can be digital or physical. Creating a tangible vision board with cutouts, printed images, key words, quotes, and swatches always gets the creative juices flowing.

vision board

Using your vision of your ideal home as a guide, begin to search for designs that fit into your dream. Find inspiration for everything from flooring and wall texture, to accents and decor. You can look for styles on the internet (there are plenty of Pinterest boards for this!), or flip through home design magazines to get a feel for many timeless, traditional designs. If you get stuck, think of how you want to feel in your dream home. Then, seek out images, swatches, and maybe some sentimental items–like a postcard from a loved one or a treasured family photo that warms your heart–and include those in your collection as well. The idea here is to get your imagination going, using real images and tangible items to fuel your inspiration. We also recommend reading plenty of restoration stories to fuel your dizziest old home daydreams.

Once you’ve put together a vision board, you’re ready to start thinking about how you can make this dream happen in real life! Join our Old House Restoration Show & Tell Facebook group for more inspiration, and to connect with a community of like-minded old home lovers!

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