Artisans List Newsletter, Volume 2, Issue 8

Artisans List Newsletter, Volume 2, Issue 8

Artisans List Weekly Newsletter

The Week in a Nutshell
Volume 2, Issue 8: June 24, 2020

What To Do

Summer has officially arrived and I am all about being outside!  With stay-cations being a 'thing' this year,  I thought you might like a few  tips on how to enjoy  'the great outdoor picnic.' We have a few products from our marketplace to help you along plus the article, The Art of the Vintage Picnic for recipes and a bit of picnic history.

Artisan Spotlight

I've always been an avid antique hunter and Aardvark Antiques is one of my favorite haunts that never disappoints with architectural salvage and furnishings.  I didn't realize they had one of the premier ironworks restoration workshops in the area until a few years ago. Watch their video below to be transported into their world.

Don't Miss…

– Joe, the Electrician, to hear what you should look for be looking for in your older home's electric wiring.

– Want to update your bathroom – quick, easy and inexpensive? We've got your Weekend DIY project ready to go!

– See what we're binge-watching this week (hint: it's about an old house)

Enjoy your week!

Cindy Bogart
Editor and Co-founder

summer picnic finds in our artisans marketplace

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artisan of the week

When coming off the bridge into Newport, Rhode Island, you'll see Aardvark Antiques at your first stop light. For 50 years they have amassed architectural salvage from old mansions and stately homes. In the back of the warehouse is their Welding and Restoration Workshop where they work on restoring gates, lanterns and architectural elements from so many from iconic Newport homes, small and grand alike.

Meet owner, Jay Silvestri, for a short tour of Aardvark.

house checkup of the week

Joe, the Electrician, from Walla Walla, Washington talks about the 3 tops things you should look for in an older home. Nowadays when you buy a home, the electric has to be up to code. But what happens if you are looking to buy or have lived in your old home a while?  Is your wiring safe and just how much will you have to replace?

what's cooking

vintage recipes

Twentieth century foodie, gourmand and all around good cook, James Beard declared that “picnicking is one of the supreme pleasures of outdoor life."  Katherine Barber from 'In the Vintage Kitchen', says and then gives you a guide to vintage recipes for a successful picnic  along with a historical back story of how this delightful pastime came to be.

PS – don't forget to pack a frisbee, a good novel and a bottle or two of wine.  Leave your cellphone at home. This is an afternoon vacation.

weekend project

Are your bathroom faucets worn, old or just ugly?  Replacing them is such an easy fix and you will feel like you just gave your bathroom a brand new look!

we're watching

Mount Stewart Reborn

This riveting production on restoring a country estate and gardens in Northern Ireland is a six-part series that follows the National Trust Property, Mount Stewart through a three year and $10 million dollar journey that covers everything from floor stabilization, interior furnishing care to restoration.  If old buildings (or Downton Abbey) interests you, you will love this!

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