Artisan Spotlight on Jonathan Beall of Sertodo Copper

Artisan Spotlight on Jonathan Beall of Sertodo Copper


Jonathan Beall discovered his passion by accident. On a trip through Mexico, he came upon a copper peddler and became enamoured with the pieces. It fascinated him enough for him to buy as much of it as his truck could carry and return to his home in Austin where he proceeded to sell it to friends and family.  It was so well received, he decided to open a copper business eventually focusing on the hospitality industry where he supplied catering companies with unique serving pieces.

The copper material itself still held a fascination for him.  One of the earliest used metals, copper is a part of cultures all over the world used in everything from folk medicine, architecture and wiring and long thought to have unique properties for cooking and healing.  Jonathan’s need to learn more about copper led him to seek apprenticeships in Mexico with the coppersmiths who had learned their skills from their fathers before them for generations.  Taking his knowledge, coppersmithing skills and appreciation of the craft, he decided to pivot his business toward making handcrafted copper items for people.

Today, Sertodo is based out of Austin, Texas and they partner with the same copper coopertive in Mexico where Jonathan had appenticed. There they recycle copper to create updated designs for serving pieces, pots, platters and vessels for Sertodo.

Meet Jonathan

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